Maintenance Made Simple.

The rest of your flight bag is electronic. Why not your maintenance logs? Securely store your aircraft maintenance logs in the cloud and protect your investment.

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Logbooks in the Cloud

Easily capture your existing logs by snapping photos on your mobile device. All of your logs will be in one place, and you'll never have to worry about misplaced logbooks again.  We'll even notify you when maintenance is due on your aircraft.

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Share Your Logs

Grant access to your mechanic to make entries, or give view-only access to a potential buyer.  You control who can see or update your aircraft's maintenance logs.  Mechanics can also electronically sign off on the maintenance performed.

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Redundant Backups

We know how valuable your maintenance logs are.  Rest assured that your maintenance log data is safely, redundantly and securely stored in our private cloud and replicated to an offsite data center.  You can also export or print your logs at any time for safe-keeping.

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1. Capture.

Use any iOS device to take pictures of your paper logbooks.  For typed logbook entries, we'll capture the text so that these entries are searchable.
Capture Aircraft Maintenance Logbooks
Share Aircraft Maintenance Logs

2. Share.

Grant your mechanic access to make entries directly into your electronic aircraft maintenance logbooks.  The logbook entries will be electronically signed and printable, so you can always re-create your paper logbook if necessary.

3. Record.

Use our mobile-friendly website or our iPhone/iPad apps for logging your hobbs time and squawks.
Record Aircraft Maintenance Logs Electronically
Fly Instead of Worrying About Aircraft Maintenance

4. Fly.

At this point, we have all of the information we need to notify you when maintenance is due going forward.  You do the flying, and we'll notify you when it's time to think about maintenance.

We're in private beta!

Up Squawk is in private beta testing, but we are currently at capacity.  If you'd like to request an invite, use the button below.  You can also receive updates by following us on Facebook and Twitter.  In the meantime, feel free to browse our aircraft registration or airport data.  Thanks and blue skies!
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